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Moonlight Agency 1: Rain Down


I guess this starts a new series of articles. While I’m not really that inspired to write new reviews for the time being, I’ve been listening to various kinds of music pretty actively all the same – and I’ve decided to kind of follow in Thom Yorke’s footsteps and just post playlists that bring together all sorts of music in this space, with a specific mood in mind. Most of the time it won’t be exactly cheery, but it’s always going to adhere to the same atmosphere set in the title of the post. So, today’s theme is “Rain Down”, in stark contrast to the weather outside at the moment in Ukraine, and the tracklist is:

1. Mojave 3 – Love Songs on the Radio
The obvious inspiration behind this blog’s title. Also a lovely, spacey kind of song with stellar vocals by Rachel Goswell.

2. The Clientele – Bonfires on the Heath
A song in pretty much the same autumnal vein – lyrics like “late October, sunlight in the wood” kind of betray it anyway. A good song, all the same, and a natural progression from the Mojave 3 track.

3. Massive Attack – Weather Storm
I guess I have to thank heavens I didn’t hear it in its respective Jam episode (as far as I know, it accompanies what is known as “Little Girl Balls” on the Blue Jam CD I reviewed recently). For now, it’s just a perfect song for a rainy day, from a perfect album from a rainy day, that is “Protection”.

4. Оберманекен – В созвездии Льва
Here comes the choice out of leftfield. These guys, to my knowledge, were the most sensual Russian music group at the time. I couldn’t really appreciate their output, except this one song. It’s perfectly produced, at least as far as Soviet underground music goes.

5. Pantha du Prince – Im Bann
To wrap up the first part, the most recent song on the mixtape – released last year, in fact. Hearing on Resident Advisor that Pantha du Prince is influenced by Ride and comparing him to them only makes me want to get into him more than I’ve done so far.

6. Burger/Ink – Bring Trance Back (to Las Vegas) [Blue Hotel]
Another relatively leftfield choice, but Burger/Ink’s “Las Vegas” is one of the lucky few techno records that don’t create their own world, but rather try to replicate the already existing real one. Also, one of another lucky few that integrates guitars seamlessly into the whole four-to-the-floor pattern of most techno.

7. Браво – Старый отель
This one is more mainstream, concerning Russian music at least. This band is more known for its retro stylings, but this vaguely reggaeish song is actually among their best – sometimes I think that it actually would be better if it were performed three times slower, in the vein of Codeine, Low and Red House Painters. But it’s alright this way, too.

8. Chick Corea – Crystal Silence
Only electric piano, saxophone and spare percussion dominate this track. Any more instrumentation and its fragile beauty would break.

9. The Blue Nile – From a Late Night Train
Their saddest song, that seemingly captures the mindframe of a thirty-something, recently divorced man – as such, it’s their most evocative song; it captures the suburb of the big city late at night, in the rain, with empty streets as perfectly as none of their other stuff did.

10. Khonnor – Screen Love, Space, and the Time Man
This guy made IDM with a computer, a crappy microphone and acoustic guitar. It’s unbelievably emotional as a result, direct, covered in inviting white noise – a perfect way to close things and even a tear jerker on a particularly crappy day.

Hopefully, more of these to come soon.


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