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Love Songs on the Radio: favorite songs of 2010


Recently, the brotherly blog The Death of CDs held a largely unnoticed poll for the best music released in 2010, and the only vote was cast by yours truly (my favorite album last year was, undoubtedly, Beach House’s “Teen Dream”. Just saying.). Now, the best song of 2010 that I chose was “F**k You!” by Cee-Lo Green, but as it seemed to bewilder Ian @ The Death of CDs because of its explicit content, Love Songs on the Radio will now post a list of other songs in 2010 that I think deserved being called the best that year. I still remain adamant in my belief that “F**k You!” ruled the year supreme.

Gorillaz – Doncamatic (All Played Out) (feat. Daley) / On Melancholy Hill / Stylo (feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack)
These three songs by Damon Albarn & company were the most triumphant pop moments of 2010, if we discount the already overmentioned “F**k You!”. Out of these three, “Doncamatic” is the best song you could dance your heart off to, “On Melancholy Hill” is the most charming (and actually the best out of the whole bunch), and “Stylo” has the best guest performance – two words: Bobby Womack. Just Bobby Womack.

Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress (feat. Rick Ross)
If “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” winds up to be the “Kid A” for 2010s, this will be its “How to Disappear Completely”. All the other songs are gruesomely overrated.

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights / Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand
The best dance tracks of 2010, “Barbra Streisand” to most post-Soviet people who knew Boney M far too well was an earworm that dug into the brains of the listeners 30 years before this song was even produced; and “Animal Rights” is the best Deadmau5 moment since at least “The 16th Hour” that was covered here before the blog was restarted.

The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire / The New Improved Hypocrisy
“Heaven’s On Fire” is the noisiest, and “The New Improved Hypocrisy” the most political guitar-based pop has ever gotten in 2010. The latter is so true given the situation both in Sweden, and in Ukraine. Could be used for all the world, I guess.

Best Coast – Summer Mood / Wavves – King of the Beach / Green Eyes
The most hated hipster couple of 2010, Best Coast and Wavves made two of the most simple, straightforward records of the year – and couldn’t care less about the haters.

All the tracks that follow will feature no comments simply because I ran out of words.

  • Arcade Fire – The Suburbs / Ready to Start / We Used to Wait / Empty Room / Month of May
  • Wire – Two Minutes
  • Discodeine – Synchronize (feat. Jarvis Cocker)
  • How to Dress Well – Endless Rain / You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Goin’ / Escape Before the Rain
  • Pantha du Prince – Im Bann / Satellite Snyper
  • Cults – Go Outside
  • James Blake – CMYK
  • Jamie Woon – Night Air
  • Flying Lotus – Computer Face // Pure Being or MmmHmm (feat. Thundercat) or Table Tennis (feat. Laura Darlington)
  • Klaxons – Echoes / Surfing the Void
  • Wols – Batyscaphe Finds a Music Box / Pixelord – Cheese Freak / Lapti – Circadian Rhythms / Nocow – Moai / DZA – J-Dat inc. (Listening MD in Dub)
  • Simian Mobile Disco – Sweetbread
  • Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow / So Derobe
  • Four Tet – Love Cry / Angel Echoes / Plastic People / She Just Likes to Fight
  • Derek Palmer – Changing Tides / In This Land (feat. Sophia) / Oceanic
  • The Bermuda Triangle – Feelings That Language Cannot Describe / Indeterminacy (feat. Jean-Luc Stoufflet) / Wonderland / A Little Bit of Old-Skool IDM

I guess that wraps it up about the favorite songs of 2010. I don’t expect much from 2011, but nobody knows what we’re going to experience this year yet, so… let’s just be patient, k?

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  1. 02/01/2011 20:21

    Haha, well, it wasn’t that I was bewildered by Cee-Lo Green’s song, but I just wanted to make it known that I don’t listen to explicit songs that much. 😛 I will admit there are some songs I have come across that are explicit (primarily by Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead, which alot of people know I love these bands), but I will agree with you that perhaps Cee-Lo’s song is one of the best of 2010, as is these other tracks you have listed. 😉 Plus, I can only turn to theneedledrop’s review for introducing me to Cee-Lo Green: And I will admit that the music video was funny as well. 😀

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