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“Love Songs on the Radio” restart


Love Songs on the Radio laid dormant for 8 months as I was getting ready for my exams. Now that I’m in high school, I hope I got wiser. No more preaching/mentoring stuff that makes me sound like I’ve got a knowledge higher than yours in regards to what I’m listening to. Now that I’ve got my arse interested in anime to some extent (that won’t kill off my passion for music, no way) you can notice some extension in what I’m writing about, but the tone that I’m writing in has changed. More research, possibly awareness of just what nonsense can I write up at times – thanks to me being from Ukraine, obviously – and you get what “Love Songs on the Radio” is about now.

Still, I can’t be too sure about the schedule – maybe there will appear those who are willing to devote their blood, sweat and tears to updating this space with more reviews, like music, games, and whatever they feel like. There might also be long, long essays on various everyday life stuff, top lists (of course, based on research but more on subjective opinion – you can’t really shake that) and whatever. It’s just that it will be more like a real zine of sorts, however geeky that may sound.

And remember – while you can follow my tastes, I won’t ever have the decisive, end-all point you can always turn to. That would be Encyclopedia Britannica.


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